Joint Research Centre (JRC)

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is a European Commission department that provides independent scientific and technological support for EU-wide policy making. In particular, the JRC will engage in activities aimed at consolidating growth and security, and ensuring sustainable development.

Under the FP7 proposals, the JRC will be allocated a budget of €1,751 million in order to conduct direct non-nuclear research through four broad policy areas:

  • Prosperity in a knowledge-intensive society (€683 million), with priorities including:
    • Competitiveness and innovation.
    • The information society.
    • Life sciences.
    • Biotechnology.
  • Solidarity and responsible resource management (€578 million), with priorities including:
    • Sustainability in rural development.
    • Agriculture and fisheries.
    • Climate change.
  • Security and freedom (€403 million), with priorities including:
    • Internal security.
    • Responses and management of disasters.
    • Food and feed safety and quality.
  • Europe as a world partner (€88 million), with priorities including:
    • Global security issues.
    • Development cooperation.

In addition to the above areas, the JRC also runs a separate programme covering nuclear research, with the aid of a €517 million budget from the EURATOM strand of FP7.

The JRC is also eligible to participate in FP7 activities on the same basis as any other research organisation in Europe. In fact, the JRC works alongside organisations from Member States and accession countries as partners across the full range of its activities.

For further information about activity in Ireland involving the JRC, contact the National Contact Point.

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