Activities of International Cooperation

Science and technology (S&T) are becoming increasingly vital factors for modern countries to be internationally competitive. In order to achieve sustainable development, prosperity, and economic growth, the Activities of International Cooperation scheme will take a three-pronged approach so that the European Union can continue to play a leading role at world level:

  • Support competitiveness via partnerships with non-EU countries and engage the best scientists from such states to work with and in Europe;
  • Facilitate contacts with partners in third countries with the aim of providing better access to research carried out elsewhere in the world;
  • Address specific problems that third countries face on the basis of mutual interest and mutual benefit. 

Up to €180 million funding has been allocated to this strand during the FP7 programme. Research-related international cooperation projects will be funded under the Cooperation programme, whilst international actions activities to boost human potential will be supported under the People programme.

Specific support under the Capacities programme will be split into the following areas:

  • Bi-regional coordination of S&T, including bringing together policy makers and the scientific community from both EU and third countries to prioritise policy decisions.
  • Bilateral coordination to enhance the development of S&T partnerships, including sharing best practices via forums such as workshops.
  • Supporting the coordination of the national policies of EU Member States and Associated Countries, with the aim of improving the coordination of national or regional research programmes.

Activities of International Cooperation activities will be financed following the publication of “Calls for Proposals”, for which interested organisations can submit applications. 

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