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The influence of science and technology on people’s everyday lives is becoming increasingly evident, but public knowledge on the subject still tends to be limited. With a number of contentious topics relating to emerging technologies, for example genetically modified foods, expected to dominate the agenda in upcoming years, there is a real need for a well-informed debate on these issues.

Therefore, the Science in Society initiative has been introduced with the aim of building an open, effective, and democratic pan-European knowledge-based society. This will involve effectively communicating scientific and technological advances, and associated research policies, to the general public.

Science in Society will operate through three broad areas:

  • Directly funded policy-related actions and research.
  • Cooperation between EU Member States in areas such as identifying common goals and reinforcing national good practices.
  • The promotion, support, and monitoring the uptake and impact of Science in Society issues in other sections of the FP7 programme. 

EU Member States have allocated a total of €330 million to support Science in Society activities. 

Funding will be provided for activities relating to these main themes with a budget of approximately €37.4 million: 

  • A more dynamic governance of the science and society relationship, which will lead to a better understanding of the role of science and technology in society.
  • Strengthening potential and broadening horizons, with a priority placed on boosting the role of women in science, and encouraging more young people to follow a career in science.
  • Science and Society communication, supporting events and science prizes with the aim of addressing the often ambiguous feelings of citizens regarding the benefits of science and technology.

The 2013 Call is open. The call text and call fiche can be found under Useful Documents.

Please contact John Denari to learn more details and possible supports within Ireland. The Irish Research Council is the national coordinator for Science in Society. Further information and contact details are available in the panel on the right of this page.

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