The goal of the European Security Research Programme (ESRP) is to make Europe more secure for its citizens while increasing its industrial competitiveness.

A vast array of technologies and social issues fall under the Security umbrella. On the pure technology side there are opportunities in software, communications, electronics, medical, transport, etc.

Other examples or relevant disciplines are finance, human factors, ethics, role of the media, risk management, etc. There is huge scope for both industry and academic participation.

Strategy & Work Programme

The European Commission publishes an annual Work Programme (around mid-July each year) that highlights a list of Topics under which it will fund proposals in FP7 Security. The Call deadline typically is late November or early December. For more details please get in touch with the National Contact Point.


The proposition for Irish SMEs is to perform development work that you want to do anyway with the EC contributing substantial funds all as part of a multinational consortium (leading to profile, brand association, networking, knowledge spillover and market-reach benefits) which includes end-users (potential customers) to develop customer oriented close-to-market solutions.

For Irish based multinational companies the proposition is similar to that for SMEs but the grant aid is at a reduced level.

National Contact Point(s)

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Dr Michael Murphy
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