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In recent decades there has been a shift from heavy manual production towards a more knowledge-intensive industry, with the focus on high added value products to meet the increasing demands of customers. Issues surrounding topics such as the environment, health, economic growth and sustainability are also more becoming more prominent.

The Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Processes (NMP) theme of FP7 aims to make Europe more competitive and manage the transfer from a resource-intensive to a knowledge-intensive industry. 

NMP research has the objective of kick-starting a number of “step changes” across a wide range of sectors, with new, high-tech industries, along with higher value knowledge-based traditional industries, set to be the main beneficiaries.

Member States have allocated a total budget of €3.5 billion for this strand for the duration of FP7. 

Four key areas have been prioritised:

  • Increase and support the take-up of knowledge generated in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology across all sectors of industry.
  • Using the knowledge of nanotechnologies and biotechnologies to develop new products and processes.
  • Create conditions for continuously innovative production capabilities to help achieve global market leadership.
  • The integration of technologies used during industrial applications, with a focus on activity that addresses the needs identified by the various European Technology Platforms. 

NMP activities will be financed following the publication of “Calls for Proposals”, for which interested organisations can submit applications.

The 6th NMP workprogramme (WP2012) is expected to be launched July 20th 2011 with a budget of €489m and targeting over 40 topics. Included in this workprogramme is the third call for the Public-Private Partnership initiative of Factories of the Future (FoF), Energy Efficient Buildings (EeB) and Green Car (GC). A Draft of the NMP2012 workprogramme (2012 orientation paper) is available from the links on the right.

Open Calls can be viewed here.

To read about the policy context and approach taken for NMP in FP7 click here.

For further information on these opportunities, organisations should contact the NCP for Nano, Materials & Production.

NMP2012 Workprogramme

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Public Private Partnerships

As part of the European Economic Recovery Plan, the Commission will launch its third call of the Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) on July 20th 2011. Read More on the PPP's

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