Irish success in Environment research

The support network for FP7 in Ireland has compiled a number of success stories that outline the positive outcomes of participating in EU research for academic researchers, SME's, multinational corporations and research performing organisations.

You can read about some of these successes in Environmental research below.

Chemical weather forecasting in Europe

When most people think of weather forecasting, they think in terms of predictions about sun, wind, precipitation and so on. But increasingly, the interaction of chemicals and pollutants is recognised in transient, local phenomena such as smog; transient issues like 'acid rain' and long term phenomena including climate change and ozone layer depletion. Click here to read more about the GEM’s research project

Saving the planet

The team behind FUSION is firmly focused on the big picture. “Saving the planet is our end goal,” according to the project coordinator Dr Damian Mooney at the UCD School of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering. FUSION is an acronym for Fundamental Studies of transport in In-Organic Nanostructures. The aim of the current tranche of work, supported as a Specific Targeted Research Project under FP6, is to develop high-temperature gas separation membranes, based on newly emerging porous inorganic materials. Click here to read more about the FUSION research project

Optic fibre sensors for more accurate measurement of vehicle emissions

Vehicle exhaust gas emissions contain a complex cocktail of toxic and polluting chemicals, which can lead to a range of health and environmental problems ranging from breathing difficulties and lung disease to acidification and the build up of greenhouse gases. Prof Elfed Lewis, Director of the Optical Fibre Sensors Research Centre, University of Limerick is leading a Framework project aimed at addressing these limitations through the development of novel optical fibre sensors. Click here to read more about the OPTO-EMI-SENSE research project

Polishing up the performance of the metal finishing industry

IONMET is an FP6 project that aims to boost the competitiveness of the European metal finishing industry. Current techniques for metal electroplating and other metal finishing processes have been in existence for many years, without any major technology advancements. Largely, they operate with water-based electrolyte solutions, which often necessitate the use of toxic and corrosive chemicals. Moreover, some commercially important coatings and finishes simply cannot be achieved with this technology.Click here to read more about the IONMET research project

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Success Stories Index

Organisation Project acronym
National University of Ireland,Galway GEMS
University College Dublin FUSION
National University College, Cork SNIP2CHIP/NANO2LIFE
Inter-Euro Technology Ltd. IONMET

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