What FP7 can do for your company

Whether your company is one of Ireland’s estimated 90,000 small or medium enterprises (SME) or a multinational, FP7 has something to offer. Increasing the level of private funding of R&D is one of the key goals of the EU’s Lisbon Strategy for ‘knowledge for growth’, and FP7 was designed with this in mind.

There is a specific focus on SMEs under the Capacities programme which is designed explicitly to meet the needs of the private sector and develop its capacity for innovation. The aim is to enable at least 15% of the funding of the Cooperation programme to go to SME participants.

Also, the collaborative research projects that form the backbone of the framework programmes, such as those funded by the Cooperation programme, are open to participation from the private sector, whether private research institutes, industry or SMEs.

The Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs) under the Cooperation programme are public-private partnerships that encourage industry participation.

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