What FP7 can do for academics and research organisations

Individual researchers employed in third level institutions or publicly funded organisations can participate in FP7 under the following areas;

  • As part of an international cooperative project through the Cooperation and Capacities programmes. The Cooperation programme supports trans-national, collaborative research projects in 10 broad scientific areas, bringing a critical mass of resources to bear on strategically-important challenges and technologies.
    The Capacities programme is designed to optimise the development and use of research facilities in Europe by supporting, for example, research infrastructures, high-tech SMEs, regional clusters and international cooperation.
  • As part of a single research group under the Ideas programme, through the European Research Council. the newly-created ERC operates as a pan-European funding organisation, supporting high-impact, cutting-edge research through open and direct competition across the EU.
  • As an individual researcher through the expanded programme of ‘Marie-Curie’ activities funded under FP7’s People programme which supports researcher training, career development and mobility through a variety of fellowships and networking activities.

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